I applaud you

For those who wait in stillness

   and hear the trembling

     but rest assured,

To those whom lives wait not

   for the world to hush but for their

     own  indulgent static to be silenced,

We applaud the embellished and belittle

   the harmonious, we pay the hand of the greasy

     and starve the already broken and bruised

For those who rest assured 

   and hear the trembling far off

     and allow compassion to 

       move them.

To those whom lives breed static in the world

   but choose silence in their

     endeavors to Nirvana. 


“Your mind is steeped in the habits of evaluation and acquisition, and will not admit that the incomparable and unobtainable are waiting timelessly within your own heart for recognition. All you have to do is to abandon all memories and expectations. Just keep yourself ready in utter nakedness and nothingness.”
 Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Woken up by a jolt to be cradled tenderly by the opaque veil of this world, this normality that sinks into precious minds rots and has been pardoned far to many times. The distant white noise of rattling engines by underprivileged children’s parents begin at three a.m. sharp, do not miss the coffee hiss or the chiming keys that lull us to sleep once more, Nor forget to clock into your dogmatic driven life and please those around you till you are buried six feet under the rotting soil floor.